Protecting Arkansans’ voting rights will be my top priority as Secretary of State.

All eligible citizens must be allowed to exercise their right to vote. When Americans make their voices heard by voting, it makes our democracy stronger and more inclusive.

For far too long, many voices have not been heard because the voting process can be needlessly inconvenient and sometimes purposefully complicated.  Arkansas can turn this around and the voices of Arkansans can be heard. We can do this by:

  • Fighting restrictive voter ID requirement

Many Arkansans do not have a government-issued photo ID. The process to get an ID for voting purpose only costs time and money. No eligible citizen should be stopped from exercising their right to vote simply because they do not have a photo ID.

  • Stopping the cuts to voting access

Polling locations are being closed down across Arkansas. Everyone should be able to go to a polling location within a reasonable distance from their home.

  • Educating people about the ballot

Everyone should be able to know what they will be voting on once they step into a voting booth. Voters should have access to information about candidates and issues.

  • Modernizing the voter registration process

Arkansas should have automatic voter registration from the moment you turn eighteen. People moving into the state or those that need to update registration should be able to do so online.

  • Curbing gerrymandering

The Secretary of State sits on the board to draw district lines. One political party should not have all the seats at the drawing table and the lines must be drawn in a non-partisan manner.

  • Ensuring counties have proper voting machines

All counties, rural and urban, should have the same voting machines. Currently, some counties have state of the art equipment, while other counties do not.  The Secretary of State must work with the counties to see what is needed and work towards equalizing the access to machines across the state.

  • Protecting voter information

Cybersecurity should be updated and work for the people, not against the people.

Starting a business in Arkansas requires official forms and paperwork and all business and organizations file with the Secretary of State’s office. In order to help our economy grow, the Secretary of State’s office should be a supportive entity for businesses and help business owners file their required paperwork. We can do this by:

  • Streamlining the online filing process
  • Restoring great customer service

The Secretary of State should educate people of all ages about Arkansas history, elections, and the importance of voting. With this kind of education comes a sense of pride for our state and for civic duty. We can do this by:

  • Supplementing the civic education curriculum

Educators need resources that make their job easier and their teaching sound. Through materials such as resource guides and presentations, we can provide more knowledge about history and civics in Arkansas.

  • Going beyond the doors of the office

The Secretary of State should not be confined within the doors of the office when it comes to education. School visits, community meet-ups and professional development throughout the state will allow for expansion of education. No educator should be teaching only from behind a desk.